America versus Blighty [Britain]...

It's a real shame, but I discovered yesterday that there are Americans who are getting mighty aggressive about their country and national character. Playing around with a couple of guys on a forum, I was a bit keen in my critisism of certain American traits, expecting the usual banter and playful insults. What I got was hatred, thinly veiled as soft porn. I was very taken aback to say the least. One guy went to the trouble of looking at this page, and noticed that I had made the comment 'I love Americans', which I can say is true, after having known approximately 400+, I met maybe one that was an ass, so that's a pretty good ratio of nice to ass statistics, I'd say. Well, I have a feeling that current troubles will contribute to a perhaps less favourable view of our USA cousins, and perhaps especially them towards us in the 'old world', and I just hope that there are enough balanced people on both sides of the fence to prevent real nastiness breaking out.

more soon......


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