Internet TV, Video Blogs and the future

In my travels researching mp3 blogs as well as other forms of streaming media, I've come across the video blog of Rocketboom. [Probably well known to US surfers, but new to me ]. I've heard of video blogging, but only seen the sort of 'oh here I am in the town centre, here's our Mall' type of thing....but this is way way different. Rocketboom is a daily vidblog of current news items that take the fancy of web citizens, done in that inimitable witty way those yanks have got. In other words, it's really really good, better than most of what's on normal television. Ok, you need a bigpipe to enjoy this, but hey, we've all got that by now haven't we?

Another site, Brightcove, is to do with the future of net broadcasting - like vblogs replacing television over time, basically. The theory is, as the means of production for making TV and Film media gets cheaper and cheaper, the more people will actually start their own TV channels, somewhat like cable tv, but on a much bigger scale. It's a very interesting area, and this site is worth a look.

rocketboom vblog, hosted by Amanda Congdon
Brightcove, the future of television.


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