Fruity Loops

I really think Fruity Loops is the best sequence based music software available. I've said it for years, and having started to make a few new tracks recently, found myself going back to it yet again. Friends are using the new versions 6 or 7 FL Studio, but I'm still using version 3 (full). It's easily enough for me, at least until I get a new desktop unit with a massive hard drive.

It comes in many flavours and levels, so I may try the new express version, just to see how little I could get away with and still be able to make good tracks. One of the best features are the many soft synth choices, from Wasps to various multi oscillator thingies that are simply brilliant. The drums are all fabulous with the best feel I've come across for sequenced drum patterns. And I havent even begun to talk about the comprehensive FX selection, flangers, EQ, compression and overdrives. Overall, for the money, and for the feel and ease of use, FL simply is the best. Try it, you'll be making great tracks within hours, just like they say on their site.



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