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I've been doing abit of research into free web tools, so if people are interested, here's a brief list of what I came up with so far:
Traffic Zap - general good web tools for search rank, traffic rank, etc
Free Merchant Tools
Free News Feeds [ java and rss]
More Free News

I've put a live news feed on this page, the one from Worldpress.org, and it seems to work great, with no added pop ups's, which is always a bonus.

Im looking into Gimp a bit more, as well as great freeware like Micro Angelo, and Ikon Maker, here's a couple of icon examples of what I toshed up:

just experiments...right click and select properties to get them if you want them...
I'm really interested in pixel art at the moment, so I'll be doing something on that sooonish, good links and best animated pixelart.


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