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> Hello and sorry there have been no new posts for a few days. i have to face up to my grown up responsibilities and therefore am now involved in a slightly secret legal venture for the next few days/weeks. I will post if I can bear it no longer not to. I'm also still suffering from that severe bout of RSI, so this is causing extreme pain and discomfort. Well, kind of.

>> I 've been doing a fair bit of new browsing, so new links for arty shit will be publicised as soon as.

>> Also, I'm looking for a particular site I found a while ago, but now cannot locate. It's a page made by a Palestinian kid of about 18, on what is happening in his homeland, Palestine, and Ramallah in particular. It made for very poiniant [?] but straightforward reading, and gave a good picture of life on their side of the fence. If anyone knows this site, please leave the link....

>> My collection of groovy buildings will also be put up for a while, for your delectation, when I can locate the folder on the portable hard drive.

>> I had a great email from Dave 'my man in America', who is located in Mass. He is bemoaning the death of the retail music business in the USA, and how the legacy we have all helped build is now consigned to the scrapheap of history. I agree wholeheartedly, and will help fan the flames of the funeral pyre. The new generation of record company executives is as foreign to me as a bunch of managment recruits for Walmart. Let the free market rule, and the straights will take over. Then everything slowly returns to the grey, lifeless primordial scum we all came from. I know the brains have left the [music] business, and have all found something less conventional to do with their time. Life is just too short to have to hang around with a bunch of straights.



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