Michael Moore, another view

Ive just seen a couple of posts on other sites deploring Michael Moore for being talentless and crude in his views. I cant really say whether I think he is talented. To me, he is an ordinary fat bloke doing his thing, not fantastic, but a fair bit of fun aimed at the corporate bloated goats over at boardroom oblivion. In the States he seems to be viewed either as a pariah, or a saint. This seems to overdo it slightly. In Blighty, obscure individuals 'kicking againt the pricks' are largely seen as colourful characters upholding the rights of free speech. [We had a guy over here called Roger Cook, who predates Moore by a decade or so.] In fairness to the argument, here is an amusing anti Moore site haha.....me thinks they protest to much, but there you go......it's always hard to take criticism.