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It was good to get a notification from the Angel B Dean guy, [formerly known as the german guy], that he's done the newest chapter in the on going saga that is Angel B Dean, a fine online scifi flash comic that Ive touted before on this blog. Im a big enthusiast of flash comics, it's one of the best new mediums to have appeared in the net age. [I even made a simple one myself, which I have yet to show to anyone, as it's largely rubbish...] There are quite a few other types of flash comic around, so Ive put some other stuf on the bottom here for investigation.

angelbdean - this gets better and better, and has the best use of current music, from royksopp to marley, and great original visual style.
samarost - art/game more than comic, but always brilliant, even if youve seen it. It's moved recently, this is the new link.
broken saints - the best of comics, with superb music, available as cds if you want. It's about to be made into a dvd or game, so it's going big time.
ninjai - this started well, but it isnt being updated at present. Violent and bloody, again with great soundtrack.
samurai the brilliant quaquebeke guy with a seminal manga type anime short.
urban entertainment - theres a whole bunch of top stuff here, I especially like 'Those who walk in Darkness', and 'The Fixer', although I think 'darkness is offline now.
Artbomb - again, a collection of new artists specialising in flash comics. [Actually, not flash, graphic novels, but good nevertheless.]

I found some great flash trailers a while back, I think for 'gametuner', but they are definately worth a look if you have bigpipe....

anime battle -
anime dogfight -
anime robot versus spider fight -

If anyone knows some other flash links worth checking, let me know please.....


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