It was a Good Day

A very good thing happened yesterday. Chelsea beat Arsenal in the second leg of the Champions League quarter final, to go through to the semi's. This is what is known as 'an upset', or not expected at all. Arsenal were as usual rather cocky and over confident, and had somehow forgotten about Chelsea's ability to come back from behind. I was annoyed at the overt bias of most of the pundits and TV commentators, who all behaved as if it was impossible that such a thing could ever happen, [Arsenal losing and going out], and even when Arsenal were patently failing to dominate the first half, they were still slavering over every fart that Henri was emitting. So it was mighty gratifying, when, after the lucky first half goal by Arse, that Chelsea held their nerve, and made them look pedestrian in the second half, just as Man U had succeeded in doing in the FA cup match. This proves that Wenger has got the shits, and can't be relied upon when the going gets really pressured. His substitutions were uninspired, he didn't even bring on Wiltord. [Berkamp looked old]. For Chelsea, Makelele was fantastic, and Melchiot a real trooper. Lampard got the team really inspired, along with Terry, and Gronkear was magnificent, changing the play brilliantly. Ranieri was a real strategist, and knew what he was doing with such clever substitutions. I loathe gloating, and feel for Arse and their supporters, but I somehow know that if they had won, they would have boasted dreadfully, crowing on about their 'different class' of football. They obviously mean 'losing class at the final hurdle' football. Better luck next year then, Arsenal, roll on Chelsea for the final!

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