A London Derby....

Today is the first stage of a London Derby with world class implications. I don't normally do posts about football [soccer], but today it has to be done, for the sake of good luck. I am a laid back Chelsea fan, but as important clashes draw near, I always become more animated. Chelsea play Arsenal over two legs to decide who goes through to the next stage of the Champions League, which is the most important and prestigious competition in Europe. I've even purchased a Chelsea Flag. It will make no deifference to me either way if they win or lose, but it will make me feel warm inside if they beat Arsenal, who although great, are braggarts, and therefore not good people of the shire.
Wish us luck, we are the David to their Goliath.

I have seen the most Police ever in one place on the way home, implying that if we lose, there will be 'trouble'. As I have alluded to before within these pages, football 'trouble' is not a pretty sight. So that's another reason to hope they are victorious. For those interested, I've included a couple of 'soccer' links.

Chelsea Official Site
Arsenal Official Site
Ace football gossip and news

**Postscript / It was a draw [1-1], making for an unbearably tense 2nd leg next weekend at Arsenal....


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