Tasty Morsels

I've been really busy. So busy there has been little time to do any meaningful reasearch for posting. However, there are a couple of groovie links I've been enjoying alot over the last few days, so you should check 'em out, as they are good in the first degree. As I have just seen, a couple are duplicates from an earlier post, but they are worth mentioning again.

Bogrollben Ace flash actionscript site, with free flas, and great sound and design. Excellent.
5inch Fabulously inventive site for getting CD's with real original design presentation. Really top.
Cypheraudio I think these are the dudes that do 2advanced soundtracks, and also the Lost Humans site. Brilliant ambient cuts.
Lost Humans Great flash design and use, clever tech interface, really what we all want.
Cool Hunting This is the site I saw 5inch.com, it's full of fantastic stuf you can get. All sorts of shit. Very cool.
Dr Melvin Morse This site is FAR OUT. Very weird near death experiences from children. Crazy, really.


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