Quick Links for Weird Entertainment.....

I've been very busy inventing brilliant new websites for grateful customers, so that's why I haven't been able to post much lately. I'm also doing a bit more work on the BoSh book, which is getting a new home, as the old home at freewebs is proving rather small [seven pages max...what's that about?] Have a peak and tell me what you think....
Other new links to definately investigate with a curious attitude and open mind are:

The Lifeboat Foundation - an incredible site, fantastic graphic content and very sci fi whilst being for real.
Numberwatch/Grey Goo - A thought provoking article on the impossiblility of Grey Goo, the baddy nanobots. The rest of this site has a lot of other provocative content, including a contention that Global Warming isn't happening.
Plugnpray - a very apt site extoling the virtues of the new techy religious world we live in...click to immediately laugh out loud.
The fat kid blog - this should be checked often, and makes a nice blog pair with the excellent :
Veiled4Allah - a very informative techy blog, believe it or not, made by a super mod muslim woman of brains. Good jokes too.


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