And MP3/P2P Again

Heres some more from the Midem music fair in Cannes about mp3 and p2p technology. It's actually a very interesting article about different models being put forward to try and embrace the p2p system. I don't think it will ever work though, as the premise seems to be to bribe the user off with commission fees for recommending other people to the track. We all know that won't work really. Labels like Beggars's Banquet appear to be involved, so maybe it could turn out ok, if they think about it enough. It looks like some more interesting people have started going to Midem, so good luck to them. I don't think any of them know what they are doing though, otherwise they would have thought about this a lot sooner.

Internet Companies Legitimize File Sharing

Then I find this. Some poor sod getting caught because he was too clever for his own good, hacking into the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory near Chicago to store a load of mp3 and dvd rips etc. The company does nuclear research amongst other things, and has huge systems, so the rogue files remained hidden, at least for a while.And while the record companies in the above article whine on about how to charge people for single downloads, eighteen year old's can store huge amounts of data, hidden, in nuclear company databanks. I bet they're planning career moves, those middleman music types, cos if they arn't, they should be.

UK Teenager Sentenced for Hacking U.S. Research Lab


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