Communication, comics, pixelart and RSS - it's a wonderful thing!

Two things, firstly I got a nice surprise a couple of days ago when I received an email from the author of Angel B Dean, the flash comic detective story I recommended last month in a short post about comics. He was just thanking me for the mention, and recommended a pixelart book called "Eboy-Hello", which actually looks brilliant, so check it out. [The picture is from their site, to promote the book, and their site is excellent, especially the 'works' section.] I will be doing a lot more bits and pieces on comics, animated or still, so it's great to be in touch with the talent!

The other thing I've been doing today is setting up a bosh rss feed, which works, but I need to put more in it. Using the search this site facility I recently uploaded to BoSh, I can now find specific articles, copy the hotlinks, add them to the rss, and Bingo! Boshfeed is born. I am becoming too clever, and will obviously lose all my friends......more soon....


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