As it is proving very hard to get my series of building photographs off another hard drive, I am persuing the rss/xml issue instead for the time being. Fantastic stuff is what I say, although I'm only at the beginning of the learning curve. I've been looking at how whole sites can be built using the xml and xsl technology, [which produces xhtml] and it appears pretty similar to css, with a few added bits, plus the advantage of ease of updating, and syndication of content. Check out the very good tutorials and examples at www.zype.co.nz, I'm very impressed with it all. I still need to find out alot more on the server configuration and such, but I think I'm well on the way. I've found a better java code maker for an rss column at feedroll, but the one to be found at wytheville community college, that I was using before is also good, allbeit more suited to more formal page designs. That link is part of the 'making an RSS feed' page at searchenginewatch.com, which is a very clear tutorial to follow, you'll have a working rss feed within a couple of hours!

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