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I'm pleased to announce I will not starve to death as I have found some new clients! Always good, but as anyone who builds sites for people will know, always new problems and decisions to make. When I'm talking to a new client, I'm always aware that it's usually my responsibility to educate them a bit as to what may be best for them in a website. It's not only a matter of price, content or taste, but a mixture of all three. For the arty client, nothing seems to beat flash sites. They like the animation, the flow, the custom imagery and the nice fonts! Of course it has to be said that flash isn't really very good with search engines, but you can always stick your keywords on your index page, and use a pop up for the flash, allowing for other stuff on your 'mother' page.

As I've been doing a bit of surfing recently, here's a few new finds on the flash site front, with different approaches to design and layout:

Romiglia.com - MX Essential Components
BogrollBen - blogging with flash, an open source flash resource site
Lost Humans 2004 - Flash design site with good examples of corporate design. Also, check out Lost Humans 2003 - the old site link, it's really worth a look.
Der Bauer - state of the art flash design, for those who arn't familiar with derbauer
Half Project - Busy and versatile ideas, utilizing flash and still images to great effect
Jaques Tati's site - fantastic flash graphics and europhile design
DB-DB - the incredible dbdb 'design together' flash site, with lots of free stuf and good ideas


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