Building the Web

As I've been working furiously on website design for two new clients, it has been painfully obvious that no sooner do you learn one good way of doing something, then three more methods come along, two of which are better. I'm most interested in the xml/xsl interface, so I'm going all out to know that pretty soon. But flash is always so popular with the more upmarket client, that I am compelled to keep trying to master the finer points of more sophisticated actionscript flash skills. People always want to pay you more if you are making a flash site for them, unless there really is a lot of content in a normal html site. As I'm only just at the beginning of server side commands and queries, that isn't yet in the equation, but as soon as I feel able, I will offer more integrated web services.

The photograph is of the great twenties office block near Tower Bridge, London. It's part of a series of building shots I've been trying to locate in order to host the best of them.


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