The Grey Album

So I suppose most people have heard/got the Grey Album by now. I got the first couple of tracks about a week ago, then went and got the rest while I still could, as it's so good. I'm a rocker, not a rapper, but I've always loved the big rappers like Ice T and Cube, LL Cool J, Tupac [a genius], plus some of the mellower stuf too. So I really enjoyed this album. It really is a big 'read between the lines' to the RIAA and those fatcats in the hollywood boardrooms. According to the information at EFF, EMI don't even own the rights. It's all A BLUFF. I got some great artwork from the dangermouse site and I printed off some of the text from greytuesday.org explaining what had happened. That makes a nice product, which will be the envy of all my friends. Maybe I'll even do them a copy, as a present. I wonder if that would be illegal too, on the grounds of being too damn interesting.


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