Image Copyright, what's that?

So yesterday I was watching TV, and happened to catch the trailer/intro for a tedious comedy show known as Harry Hills TV burp. [I cannot stand this man.] The funny thing was, I noticed that in amongst several images of televisions, there was an image well known to me. I knew this image, as I had just got it off the internet a couple of nights previously, to use for my own purposes in a design for a music site. I had felt guilty using a few small gifs that were readily available on the web, but as I was seriously 'mucking' with them, I wasn't too concerned. What shocked me about the image used in the TV trailer was that it was used in its original form, with no attempt to change or alter its original colouring or shape etc. I have included it here, as if it is OK for national television programmes to happily pillage the internet, then it must be OK for little old me.


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