Why are Americans *cleverer* than us Brits?

I know that's a strange title after the previous post, but the exception proves the rule......p'raps.
Looking at the SXSW downloads page for their video clips, I was struck by how CLEVER everything was. Bruce Sterling, Ze Frank, Homestar amongst others for the [brainy] fun, lectures on film making, web design, politics, the future of media.......and more. I thought this was a ROCK festival??
OK. We are the kings of the Rock Festival in Britain - Glastonbury, at 100,000 + people, huge site, loads of STUF, beats them all into a cocked hat...I thought. Just by the numbers....
I have NEVER seen anything like this at Glastonbury!

How many people attend SXSW? [I dont know...]
Is it more funded/sponsored?

We have comedy tents and anarcho-crusty gatherings
They have the future brains of the world
It doesn't seem fayre fair.

more from the rocketboom angels for SXSW


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