Comics are the new rock and roll

Here's a recommendation to a few comic links that I've come across. Really this is just an excuse to put the moving car on, but my friend in Michigan is doing a really good comic, called City Yarns. Check it out, and look at the rest of the site, there are some other good comic links, like Modern Tales, which has alot of high quality original comic stuf, some free, some you have to pay for.
Here's a few other comic sites, some flash comic stuff from Germany, Matt Wagner's site [my favourite comic artist], and a great pulp site, really high quality illustrations:

City Yarns:: Detective grunge comic pulp.
Modern Tales: Lots of different good quality comic gear, you can submit your own work.
Matt Wagner: my favourite comic artist.
Angel B Dean: the German guy.
Supernatural Crime: a fantastic pulp comic site.

I'm very interested in pulp comic story lines, and the all pervading atmosphere that surrounds everything in them. There'll be other stuff posted on the best Batman and animated Batman links in future post's, but this is the pulp side of the comic interest.


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