New Blogger Layout etc

This all came as a complete shock. Im reeling from the cultural hole left in my life by the removal of the familiar site look at blogger.com. I am stunned. I think I have become someone else overnight, living their routine, their habits, and am now in the throws of a personality crisis. I'm not even sure if I like the new templates, but dare say I'll be won over within the month due to peer pressure.

Ive also realised that my rss feed needs to have publisher dates, otherwise it seems to go screwy in the reader display. That means I'll have to update the entire thing, to get it to run properly. With that and the transfer of all the images to another host, Ive got loads of dog work to do to keep me busy. if anyone knows how to post images into an rss feed so that they display in the reader, please leave a tip or link.....

++ So I decided to join the herd and improved the layout of the boshpage, so as not to feel left out. Sorry to anyone who saw the revolting blue effort a few minutes ago, that's now all a bad dream. Here is some smart grey and a new header pic.


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