F1 cars let loose on the streets of London

Yesterday I went up to Regent Street to have a look at the gleaming monsters of Formula One. I'm a huge fan of racing, cars and the whole Grand Prix thing, so I was looking forward to what would happen when the cars were allowed to go a couple of laps on a makeshift circuit of the West End. In the end, so many people came into town that it was impossible to see anything. But the roar of ear splitting proportions that greeted the waiting crowd every other minute was incredible, unbelievable. Iv'e watched many types of racing, formula 3, 1600's etc, and been up close to the track many times, but nothing compares with the sound of a Formula 1 car. Truelly awesome. There's talk of a London Grand Prix, similar to the Monacho shindig, but I can't see it happening as London is just too busy to shut down for three days, but I can see a street race of some kind happening. Why not have a grand prix at Brighton, that would be a perfect location. BTW, I'm on the corner of the street, just as it bends......

[pic courtesy reuters.]

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