Sadly, not referring to the soul great, but a new 'political party' in Blighty. I'm only posting about it as it's so laughable. Headed by the disgraced former Labour MP George Galloway, [who allegedly advocated that Arabs should rise up and fight British soldiers in Iraq, and was promptly sacked], and including other champagne socialists, not many of whom appear to have ever had a proper job, ie they are mostly media whores and bores, all joining up under one banner to advocate old chestnuts like trade union power, public ownership and 'socialist' values etc etc. As a museum piece they make great relics from the past, but as serious contenders to power they are a frightening joke. It's incredible that a belief in imaginary halcyon days of unionised labour and publically owned utilities will somehow make everything OK, when the future of 'rich' and 'poor' in the west is a totally different battleground from the actually rubbish society of fifties/sixties/seventies Britain. I will always vote left, in the vain hope that the poorest would benefit more than under a more rightwing regime, but to even think that intelligent people would be expected to take seriously this ramshackle bunch of flatcaps and middle england tossers is beyond belief.


I may add to this.....god forbid


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