Oil Dependence is a Lie

It still isn't widely known that all diesel engines wil run on vegetable oil. Why? It's probably obvious, if you think about it. Short search on the history of the invention of the diesel engine throws up the interesting fact that they were originally intentioned for peanut oil. Mr Diesel, the inventor, died in mysterious circumstances on the way to Britain....

So today I see yet another piece of news about people taking the law into their own hands and going veggie with their cars. In Britain it's actually illegal to do this, as you avoid paying the duty that's due on the fuel. You can pay it as an extra, if you get a license or something, but it's illegal to just go and do it. [I know people who do this, but they are very clever.] I don't know how it works in the States if you just start filling up with veg oil, but the woman in the news item seems to be doing just that. Why isn't it normal to do this? It all points to another damning recognition of how we are all manipulated for the sake of markets and big business bods. As usual, pathetic.

Woman Fills up on Chip Oil

A History of the Diesel Engine .
Diesel engine.
the diesel story.


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