Farhenheit 911 and the American psyche

It's interesting to note all the fuss surrounding the man and his film. Personal attacks have now downgraded to the 'obese dishevelled scruffy ' level, and Moore's slightly annoying smarmy personality is ammunition for any self respecting GOP type. I haven't yet seen the film, but am aware of its contents, which is bound to be presented in the American tradition of sensationalism and headline grabbing mentality. What actually disturbs me quite a bit is that the obvious truth about Arab Money in the west being pretty damn powerful is obscured or mocked because the messenger isn't acceptable. In London, as I have pointed out before, the Arab influence is stronger than ever. And I don't mean lowly immigrant populations. I mean land owning/property owning Arab Sheiks in some of the highest value real estate areas, like Mayfair and Piccadilly etc, Arab Money in the stock markets of the City and Arab influence in politics through finance of parties and campaigns. I must stress I have nothing against arabs generally. I have met fine examples of humankind, ladies, gentlemen and scholars. But I know that the vast wealth of some of the most prominent Arabs cannot help but have influence in the highest places. So whatever the politics and sides taken in the argument, it goes without question that ruling elites stick together to vanquish perceived enemies. And that has absolutely nothing to do with obese dishevelled tv documentary makers like MM.

NB This is post number 100. Momentous to say the least.


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