Freedom of the Individual Citizen People Consumer?

Stuf to rant about. It's now official [BBC tech news today]:
1 > Movies have now 'overtaken music' as the number one item of choice to download. Haha, they get what they deserve I say [the Motion Picture Association of America etc] as now the horse has definately bolted. After 2 or 3 years of selling broadband on the strength of downloading movies and music, they now have the audacity to act shocked that everyone is using broadband for just that. Only they are using the most efficient method of doing so - P2P. So they've bypassed the bloated hollywood pigs and the bloated rock pigs and just helped themselves. I don't happen to feel at all sorry for them myself. I saw spiderman 2 last week. A full 3 WEEKS before it is scheduled for release in blighty, and it was a bit sucky actually. Pity the poor film making fools who still believe that any old rubbish will do, so long as the brand name is strong. We can all 'preview' films these days, and that just doesnt wash anymore.....


2 > By definition, democracy applies to all equally. Only not. Clear Channel seem to believe that their omnipotence extends beyond the remit of commercial promotion and advertising. Not satisfied with their total domination of all media outlets, here as well as the USA, they are trying to stop a bunch of women who rented one of their billborads to display an anti war message. I hate Clear Channel, they deserve a kick in the nuts. They are more guilty of killing culture and diversity than probably any other company, and now this bullyboy stuf. Somehow I am not at all surprised...



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