Indoctrination of America's youth successful

So today the radio were in Texas, interviewing amongst others a few students from the university in Houston. I was alarmed by what I heard. When talking about Iraq, all the kids started to refer to the Draft, and that they would go and fight for their country - of course - no matter what their political persuasion or position on the war. They said it was their duty as American Citizens. I was afraid for them, as they have been led down a murky road where truth is lie and lie is truth. The duty of any citizen in a free country is to protect democracy, the rights of the individual and the protection of those weaker than oneself. It is not to follow blindly any doctrine or leader, when that doctrine is so flawed. [Refer to Nazi Germany here please.] There is a fine line between patriotic strength and overpowering totalitarianism. Where is the dissent in the States? Argument seems confined to the peripheral issues, not the life threatening ones. I couldn't believe what I was hearing when the young men interviewed were all so keen to 'serve'. It was chilling indeed.

To quote Bush - 'You can fool some of the people all of the time - these are the folks to concentrate on'.


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