Music and Music Awards [Suck]

I must say, as a maturing music type person, I find it an increasingly drab view, looking across at the current British scene. Whilst females seem to have been all but banished from the hallowed ground of the upper echelons of the music empire, males are excelling themselves at mediocrity and imitation. I put it firmly down to rubbish role models myself. Mods, Ska, the Jam and even the Smiths are all responsible. Exclusively male gang 'do we have to bring the tarts' artists bring out the worst in any generation, and prove that Britian is a nation of tiny englanders. Women are reduced to spangly dress disco fodder, and seriousness is left to the men, only it isnt, as is shown by the total lack of serious music around. [I don't mean the Streets doing a ballad, that isnt serious, thats cheap.] America, previously regarded as frothing at the mouth jock land, is now so ahead in the clever and futurist music stakes, it's actually become embarrassing. Their women are some of the leading lights, [hello Missy] and even though they have their share of male only men, [not gay, male only, thats totally not the same], there is an openness about their current scene which makes ours look drudgy and dying. For God's sake, even the Icelanders and Swedes can do better than us, most of the time.

Where did it all go wrong? The ruling [tiny] elite in the music press and AnR in Britain have always been about the 'boys own' mentality, and it's sad to think how much potential has been lost to narrow minds, ignorance and pathetic bigotry. I know, I've lived it.

The article is about Franz F***ng Ferf***ngdinand winning some prize or other. The guy who wrote it feels a bit like me......


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