Working Britain, the Greatest People in the World

Ive wanted to post this rant by Tom at Artrocker for the last week or so, but blogger has been behaving very oddly, so only now do I get a chance...[is anyone else having problems with the posting a blogger? Or even accessing he site? No? Just me then....]btw, the picture here is of the main pier building at Southsea, another rotting British Amusement Arcade Coastal Paradise.

Anyway, it's a great rant singing the praises of the British Working Class. Should be very educational to all Stateside residents.....

full rant here

> I'm taking a day off tomorrow. I booked it several weeks ago and I've been
> ticking off every day since. A whole day to myself, what on earth will I do?
> Well top of my options list is a day on Margate beach. I love Margate, it's
> everything a British sea-side town should be, tawdry, tired, cheap,
> uninhibited and boozy. The beach is well cared for and when the tide goes
> out it's endless, you can walk out half a mile to sea (wearing a knotted
> hanky on your head, trousers rolled up with a pint of Old Bob in your hand)
> and the water is still only up to your knees. You can hire yourself some
> deckchairs and a windbreak, buy freshly made doughnuts, a cup of tea,
> water-wings and an inflatable boat without ever having to leave the beach.
> Perfect.
> And best of all it's jam-packed full of the finest people in the world, that
> is to say the British Working Class. You know, the people this government
> hate, the people middle-class metropolitans find embarrassing because they
> do awful things like wear Union Jack bathing trunks, drink beer rather than
> Pimms, show off their beer guts and have a great time in a noisy way. I'm
> one of them so for me they're the real deal, the children and grandchildren
> of those who gave their lives in two world wars to make the world free. .



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