Punctuation and Good Grammar?

Anal bloggers may have seen/read the article on blogger about spelling and grammar etc. Interesting, in that, it's written by an American. To any 'bad teeth' English type, that's a bit of a non starter. Honor, anyone? What about center? What about 'sidewalk', not the correct 'pavement'? Or just look at this list, as they've done the work http://www3.telus.net/linguisticsissues/BritishCanadianAmerican.htm

Point taken then. Is it living language, or is it Lazy Good For Nothings dictating to the rest of us a dumbed down level of interaction? In the name of the market place, the hallowed ground of the money making machine. It's not just charming regional expressions we're talking here, it's full on changing the rules. [Ebonics, anyone? ]

Anyone lucky enough to visit the wilds of Yorkshire, Cumbria or other bleak far flung corners of Blighty will hear a sense of wordage that has long died out for the rest of us. Is that a good thing? Or are we all full of s**t. [Did I just make up the word 'wordage'?]

the article

[Update - there were 3 sloppy typos in this post when I checked properly. Let that be a lesson to us all!]


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