Greedy B******ds

When I read today about the real networks situation with Apple ipod, I thought it only served to prove that most companies are ran by ignorant greedy b*****ds. Just as we all witnessed the techno battles of eight track audio, the video disc, mini disc and VHS versus betamax, now the new greed game is downloadable music. At least it may have taken the sanctimonious grin from that Steve Jobs' ugly mug. Sounds to me that the guys at real networks would have lent strength in depth to the itunes technology, and because of greed and narrow mindedness, they are now the enemy of itunes. Considering that I believe the ipod 'domination' of the mp3 player market to be short lived at best, [although I would take issue that everyone who plays mp3's wants an overpriced player], I think Apple have shot themselves in the foot [again]. Mind you, Im definately going to buy an igrill, they have always been a very desirable item.


http://www.thinkgeek.com/stuff/41/ezbake.shtml - haha found this today, a pc-ez-bake - in case you cant face owning any blueish glowing cheaply made kitchen items.


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