Flash Flash I love Flash

Ive been busy going over a few links, and a buddy from the states has sent me over some recommendations. here goes:

rockstargames.com - all sorts of really good things here, especially the upload section, where the multimedia link [by sonja peng] will take you to a magical flash design site. This was the first place I saw the brilliant 'drewcope' flash, also known as 'the drum machine', which is actually part of tokyo plastic.
tokyoplastic.com - Every part of this site is totally fabulous. Check out at leisure.
unitedstatesofdesign.com - A bunch of very talented germans, this link is trailed by whitealbum.de. Very high quality work. Mainly art, not just flash.
whitealbum.de - Lots of other artists to check out here, not all flash but definately all art.
nobodyhere.com - A mad dutchman that makes eyepoppingly imaginative flash stuf. Ace.

Check out my new found fame over at the groovy angelbdean.de, [ he also has a new domain at virtualthriller.com]. I get a credit at the end of the new trailer for the next episode. I am pink with joy.

The image shown here is an animated gif from nascimpact.com, another great art/flash/pixelart site. It's all in french, but Im sure you can manage.


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