Jack Valenti proved to be 'wanker'

So yet again the courts in USA, whilst being more easy to manipulate [hello friendly financial perks for senators touting the 'stop all dirty illegal we cant control the horrible internet usage' type bills] than over here in Blighty, have still come out in favour of the companies providing file sharing software. Grokster and Streamcast are NOT legally resonsible for what is being shared over the net using their software. Jack Valenti and his enormouss legal purse cannot stop the download war by bullying the manufacturers and designers of the technology. Oh how he must have cried. Oh how the rest of us laughed our teeth out.


More on Morpheus and the sad state of the RIAA etc.....


[23-08-04] Today it was announced on British Radio that the BPI [British Phonographic Industry] has released sales figures confirming that sales of singles have increased for the first time in many years. Sales of albums are at an all time high - this in a country where an estimated 17 million people have used p2p file sharing to get music from the net. Who is lying to whom about the so called devastating effect of p2p on the entertainment Industry. Are they all just too scared to accept that they don't rule the roost anymore????


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