Russia the new 'Russia'

I dont know what my yank brothers and sisters think, but I just feel it's important to say something about what has been going on in Russia. Now I know I'm no expert, but the Russian Government are never to be believed when it comes to any public statement. The fact they are now peddling the idea that they are not responsible for the end to the terrible events of last week signifies a turn for the worse in world politics. Believe me, the whole nation cringed when Putin came here, staying with the Queen, on a State visit a couple of years ago. It didn't sit well with a lot of people who remember the dark years of CCCP and DDR.
I think we all know what may really have happened at that school. Why didnt they bring in some top negotiators? Was it not deemed worth it? And to think the poor russian people seem to be so easily duped, or at least quelled. The problems of Chechnya arn't going to go away, as we realised here over the Irish Situation. Putin is just showing his colours as the ex KGB man he is, and the cover up jobs he keeps trying to pull arn't really fooling anybody. Are they?

I've just heard a report on BBC Radio that journalists in Russia were prevented from covering the story in depth, and stopped from getting to the hostage site [the school]. As we were being told at the time that many journalists were present, this now seems to be a falsehood. "Alot of journalists have simply given up journalisnm in the past few months, as it has become too hard to persue this as a career," the reporter said.

I know not to believe my own government alot of the time, but what strikes me as very sad is that russians seem very naive compared to westerners in regard to their attitudes to the media. Either that, or they are very good at fooling themselves.


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