I am either thick or slow or both

I've been away from blogging as have had my head stuck up a php manual or seven. I'm new to the concept of database websites, [building them anyway..] but clients keep going on about them and some would even want their own bottletops.com or whatever to sell their million and one useless items with webpages, in the weak belief that suddenly every man and his dog will want their product, if you could buy it online. [Why do people think that??] Anyway it's taking me an age to get my skewed perspective round php, mysql and such. If anyone has any tips [that I might be able to understand] please tell me, put me out of this purgatory.

Now that the election is over, everything seems strangely quiet. Except in Fallujah of course.

BTW: I was messing about with the blogroll [trying to duck out of my php learning..]and discovered how to put a little image tag in the code, so that your blogroll can show who has updated recently. Clever eh? I know, it's just small mercies to make me feel better about knowing NOTHING WHATSOEVER about databasing and dynamic page building.


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