It's a New Day, but will anyone notice?

Having earlier read again the comments from fatkid about the whole Bush versus Kerry thing, [on 'Fight to the Death for Freedom' post], I think a couple of points are good to make here:

1. It's too easy to be anti war and therefore anti Bush. The picture is much bigger.[I'm talking about the cosy left here.]
2. Bush is an idiot looking guy. But he can't really help that.
3. Kerry is a dork. He can't help that.
4. Surely judgement must be made on facts and reasoning.
5. Kerry did toast Bush in the debates. [Did Bush wear a device?]
6. Bush knows alot more about being an American for Americans. Kerry is a charisma free zone.
7. John Edwards let the side down.
8. The Republicans know how to look as if they are in control, like the British Tories in the 80's, or like Labour in the 90's. They just look in charge.
9. Both sides have used dirty tricks and smear campaigns.
10. Both guys are members of Skull and Bones, and part of hugely wealthy, influential families, not remotely part of average America.*

What Im trying to show is that obviously, both sides are tainted and in bed with all sorts of cronies. Both sides are weak, and neurotic. Both sides are unrepresentitive of the common man. How to measure the lesser evil? How to measure the best chance of good for the majority? How to trust the mechanics of the democratic machine?

*Could you imagine someone like the great John Prescott [UK Deputy Prime Minister and working class hero] ever being in high profile politics in America?
Can't wait to find out who gets it. [no pun intended....]


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