Techy Tweeks

    Iv've been looking at a few fun java things recently, to bring a bit of life to an arts site that needs a certain formalness, but also needs some movement and style. I found a nice little code in the javascript vault, [his codes can be a bit cumbersome for serious stuff, but there are good things in there], it scrolls images in a page, without need for anything except they all be in the same folder with the html. Nice. Works reasonably well with dialup too, if you keep the number of images down. Using the target name, it can fade the images from one to the next in IE, whereas netscape and the rest see images swapping. Either way, it's a change from only using flash, and then nobody being able to save and print the images. For an 'educational' site, it brightens up proceedings alot, methinks. As I need to cover a large amount of information and images, it makes sense to use a .js and just change the image addresses, saving to each folder as I go along. Neat and faster to make than flash for all the information involved.

    Ive zipped it if anyone wants it:



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