Money with Menaces - the new face of Music

This makes me sick. Just as the high level judges in the courts of America are starting to realise how unfair and unjust the whole downloading/being sued by a mega company situation is for the average downloader, along comes the ever slothful BPI [British Phonographic Industry] and trys to put the frighteners on anyone in Britain who may download music. Saying they have 'no choice' but to catch the evil kids who make their collections 'available on the internet', because their profits are so down, and its obviously all the evil mp3 sharers fault. Now, as anyone knows who is involved in this area, profits are actually UP in alot of cases, and much research has already gone on to indicate that the most popular mp3 downloads actually seem to create more legitimate sales for those artists, the stance of the BPI seems truly incredible. As an excuse to their money hungry bosses at the evil empire of music, the saddo A&R people are using any reason they can find for appalling sales of crap like Robbie [can he be serious?] Williams et al, who nonone in their right mind ever thought would sell to the Yanks...and now doesn't even sell to the poor old gullable Brits.

When they come knocking on my door, they had better be prepared for a full on grown up fight - thats if I can raise the squillions of dollars to fight their lies and bullshit in a court of law. How come, as all the technology was being created, noone thought to tell these idiots what was about to happen??? My theory is the conspiracy of brainy techs against the fatf**ks who run the music biz. They just didnt tell them - hahahahahahahaha. They didnt deserve to know, if they were all that stupid and self important. I know I am living with the newspeak thought police when I read stuff like the items below, as I am old enough to have watched this happening for many years, and it was obvious to me what was going to happen, so why on earth wasnt it obvious to the industry?? And if downloading actually creates sales, what the hell are they so worried about? The Means of Production that's what. We all know how to make our own mp3's, of any kind of music too - original, new artists, oldie stuf, anything. We just don't need them anymore, and they are shitting themselves. Hurrah I say, with mucho gusto.

And dont forget, the majority of artists get hardly any money for their efforts, so downloading makes little difference to them - contrary to what these idiots in the industry tell you. I know, Ive seen it with my own eyes.

The record industry has depended on gullable youth markets and a stranglehold on the means of production, but now the young ain't so gullable, and the means of production are available to anyone. They are doomed.





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