Fight to the Death for Freedom

SoI feel duty bound to do a post on the election Stateside, as today is the last day. The last day for what? Freedom possibly. I know that love for Bush from yanks is much stronger than anyone over here would have us believe, and I kind of understand why yanks would love this guy, as he is one of them. No, I don't mean poor and downtrodden, badly educated and xenophobic, I mean he understands their fears, their hopes and their national pride. Kerry is just a rich 'tosser' and has less redeeming factors, to the American eye. Of course it's a lot more complex than that, with the North/South divide in the States being a far more important factor than is ever discussed.

But I feel the main issue about the whole future of America will be the re-introduction of the draft. Every young man, when he turns 18, must register with the Draft board in the States, a procedure which has never been revoked since the Vietnam war. As forces around the world become more stretched, the need for a non volunteer force will become an absolute necessity. If the young of America want these foreign policies to go on unabated, then they must vote for Bush. If they want any semblance of say in their future, perhaps they should vote for Kerry. Perhaps his value of human life versus ideology may be a little higher than Bush's, and therefore make it easier for them to have a life of their own.

And, not to underplay this this next issue, whatever happens in the States tommorrow wil have a direct impact on thousands of young lives in Britain, those in the forces. We have no choice but to follow/help America, as history and responsibilty demand it. [The French are only anti war because they have so many dodgy business interests in repressive regimes like Iraq - go check on it, peacenik, they're making the same greedy deals in China as we speak, with no thought for human rights records or any such inconvenience, and no, we arn't doing the same thing...].

So, if lots of young people yearn for a future in the military, fighting mythical wars of democracy and freedom, when their own lives are virtually worthless, vote Bush. Voting for Kerry is just not voting for Bush. You don't have to like the man, just vote an anti Bush vote. [I know this won't be a popular opinion with some readers, but I believe the picture is bigger than just the American point of view. There is just too much at stake here.


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