Britain goes to the polls

Blair and Howard,Charles Kennedy,Bosh[sic] Bush sort out the 51st state.

Tony Blair announced the coming election will take place on May 5th. Four weeks of ranting, bickering, arguing, slanging, moaning, and hopefully John Prescott getting in punch ups.
The British [allegedly] yearn for serious debate on big issues like identity cards, consumer debt and health, but as usual we are fed a tabloid child-like equivalent of babble, designed to put all but the most fervent off from any real participation.

Iv'e seen big changes in London in the last five years:

- The gap between rich and poor is now a yawning abyss.
- The ethnic cleansing of the poor from the inner city is taking place all over London's trendier burroughs.
- The criminals and house breakers have taken to wearing crash hats and carrying baseball bats, as well as knives and guns. They call at your front door and overpower your 'maid'. Then everyone gets taken hostage until they say where the lockbox is, and how to get it open....you get the picture.
- Gun culture in the poorest areas is out of control. [Thx Rappers of the world! :)]
- Personal debt is now so high, that even the Government is getting worried.
- More and more children leave school illiterate. We still have the worst educational record in all of Europe. Especially in London.
- Thousands are dying from MRSA in London hospitals.
- Fox Hunting is now banned, which is a huge relief to us Londoners. It's like, such a relevant issue.

And after that lot, Im still going to vote for Blair. Which is hard to credit, but what is the ALTERNATIVE? Nearly everyone in politics is intellectually challenged, to say the least, so Blair stands out, head and shoulders above the rest. Even if he is a bit of a t***er.

I'll be keeping you posted on developments, that is, if you can stay awake long enough to take any notice at all.

check out our lovely politicians:

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