More Trouble In Town

News just breaking over here in London - more bombs on the tube and buses. As of now, 3 stations: Warren Street, Shepherds Bush and Oval, and a bus in Hackney are affected. Oxford Circus has also been closed. Police are everywhere and Ive just rung a couple of people to make sure they're OK.

And I was looking forward to the start of the Ashes.......

  • update 1 -14.29:
    moorgate closed, thames link, kings cross thames link, euston rd, victoria line brixton onwards....roads closed, police cars travelling in WRONG direction on motorways....St Pauls closed....

  • update 2 -
    unexploded device in shepherds bush green

  • update 3 - 14.45:
    people being told to stay where they are, don't travel anywhere. Iv'e just cancelled an appointment I had this afternoon.
    There are now very many police deployed all over Town. Armoured vehicles, and helicopters overhead, sirens blaring from emergency vehicles.

  • update 4 -
    4 explosions or attempted explosions. Potential nail bombs, but only the detonators have gone off........

  • update 5 - 14.50:
    all the major tube lines have now been closed

  • update 6 -
    eye witness reports of someone running out of warren St tube, 'as if they were being chased, or had done something'...also reports of chemical incident......an incident at University College Hospital [close to Warren St Tube]...not clear what's happening

  • update 7 - 14.59:
    men seen getting out of an unmarked car, changing into protective clothing and entering Oval Tube Station, huge cordoned off area outside the Oval.[NB the Oval is the main station for the Oval Cricket Ground, where the Ashes, between England and Australia have begun today]

  • update 8 - 15.22:
    Whitehall has been cordoned off. This is very close to the Houses of Parliament.

  • update 9 -
    man chased and arrested by armed police outside Downing Street

  • update 10 - 15.30:
    a second man has been apprehended at Embankment Tube Station, after being chased by armed police from Whitehall

  • update 11 - 16.17:
    in the College Hospital, armed Police have sealed the building to search for a 'male, 6'2" asian....', Scotland Yrad has released a statement saying they cannot confirm or deny any arrests, but confirmed 3 explosions, at ?Moorgate correction: Oval, at Warren St, on the 26 Bus in Hackney, and an attempt to set off a device in Shepherds Bush. They are also making a definate link with events 2 weeks ago.....

  • ... the man in question was wearing a blue top with a hole at the top with 'wires protruding'.

  • update 12 - 17.30:
    Kings Cross has been closed. Although many reports are coming out saying things are generally getting back to normal, there are now new reports of other stations closing, being evacuated, or passengers not being allowed off trains.

  • Sightings of backpacks are also featuring heavily in the reports.....

  • update 13 - 18.30:
    It now looks as if the bombs were real. Contrary to earlier reports that suggested these were only detonators, meant to cause maximum disruption, but now theyve announced that explosives have been found at all the sites. They just didn't go off.


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