Hands Across the Water

Everything has been almost back to normal today, after a quiet evening last night. People seem unusually friendly, courteous and polite.

Funny thing is, I received no calls whatsoever from my friends who live outside of London, but still in Britain. Only my mother called to make sure I was OK. I got emails from my friendly brothers and sisters across the water though, so Im saying a big thankyou to all you Yanks - good people!
Why didn't anyone email or call from the rest of the UK? I think it's a certain parochial snobbery, a belief it's all 'Blairs Fault' or some other ill-informed point of view, or maybe the dreaded 'rich southerners can f**k off'. Im certainly puzzled by it. I think other Brits should show a bit of solidarity, after all, it could be Manchester next.

thx to fat for the flag........


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