Vlogging, The Media and what's to come

Been over to Rocketboom lately? Recently, two VERY interesting things have happened there. First, they've 'enlisted' an army reporter to vlog for them in iraq. Second, Amanda Congdon is involved with the new John Edwards vlog. This raises some interesting issues.

Can we trust people who get into bed so easily with the mainstream? What are we meant to think? Will they be 'our' guys? Will they be sucked into the mass of media grey mush and succumb to fat salaries and asses? Can we trust ANYONE involved with well known politicians? Does it make us trust a) the army guy, b) john edwards, c) amanda congdon, or none of them?

Me, I think it's a good development, that Edwards believes it so relevant that he wants a vlog [and a podcast], and it's a good development that an army guy wants to be involved in vlogging and Rocketboom. Its' good. Go with it. It won't hurt. We can tell if it all turns to sh*t. As long as Congdon, Verdi and whoever else get's to put the snidey backchat in....it'll be fine.

I'm looking forward to it. Have you seen most of what's on TV? Go watch Rocketboom, it really is that good.

[*Im still working on getting my own sh*t together, some day soon...]

UPDATE 6th June '05 It's not turning out to be that interesting, as already the army guy has fallen out with the Rocketboom, because the 'Boom made some cock up in the details of the army base the guy is at......mmmmmm, bit fretty, one thinks.


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