'Mad Dog' George Galloway

Yanks should be on the lookout for a wild Scots Git known by the name 'Galloway' who is stalking the corridor's of power as we speak [read]. This man gives great entertainment, he is not unlike Liam Gallagher, as in, ignorant, loud and known for coming out with hysterical ranting and half truths. He's always got someone in his sights, has our George, and of course, while he dishes out his uncontrolled criticisms and opinions, he regards himself as above the rest of us, completely without blame, no blemish on his conscience.

He is a fool of course. Not only has he succeeded at ridding the East End of one of its best MPs for years, he did it by foul means [encouraging the predominently Muslim electorate there with statements like 'don't vote for her, she's jewish' [and black to boot].

Of course he denies this, and thinks that is an adequate explanation of events in that burrough, when his expletive ridden spoutings about the Iraq conflict are ill informed, ignorant self righteous rantings of a [probably] guilty man. Anyone who has seen the footage of him with Saddam will know what a complete t*sser he really is.

Anyway, I encourage anyone who can watch the senate hearings to get stuck in and get ready for a good belly laugh. Somehow, for all his blustering, I don't think he knows quite what he's up against. We wait and see.


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