Football versus Politics

It would be great if all the Premier League teams had a vote off at the end of the season to decide who stayed up, and the politicians had a play off tournament to decide a new Government at the end of their term.....that way, we'd all have a lot more entertainment, feel more involved, and know it was all a game.
[I think more people have had the Champion's League on their minds, now that Liverpool are through to the final....]

Labour have survived, though not in my constituency. We got a Tory back in. Bummer.

The one person I feel has great intellect in the Government is 'Blind' David Blunkett....he's got what it takes. Perhaps he'll end up being the next PM? Now that would be a first.

Good for Blair too, he stuffed 'em good. I don't agree with all he says, but I admire the glint in his eye.

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