Ipod - an Eco Timebomb

Just caught this on drownedinsound, some news about the materials used to manufacture the ipod. Unlike Dell, HP or some other white box manufacturers, who have taken steps to improve the green-ness of the materials in their PC's, and introduced take back policies for old models, ipod is stuffed with evil. They reckon that it's an eco timebomb once all the old ipods start going into landfill etc. A lobby of Steve Jobs is taking place to redesign the ipod to greener standards.

Coupled to seeing the recent Rocketboom video on mac or pc [last weeks casual friday post], there are now more reasons than ever to not believe the myth of Apple, and embrace the cost effective computer solution - PC. Repair costs alone for the avarage ibook etc are astronomical, and let's face it, they all do the same thing you know.......

Macs look lovely, but are evil on the inside.........
Me? I use both ;)


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