Me and Mr Politician #1

The Tories seem determined to stir up some good old fashioned right wing race hatred at the moment here in Blighty. Blighty is a small island, they argue, and cannot keep taking all 'these people' from other places in the world. No matter that Britain has a centuries old tradition of poor and desparate people migrating to our shores, from the Jews of the Middle Ages, everyone escaping Nazi's in the second world war, Idi Amins Ugandan Asians in the 70's, Bangladeshi famine victims, Communist Defectors, you name it, we take it.

It's a truly fantastic reputation to have around the world when you think about it.

Now it's all going to change, if the Tories get their way. Of course we all agree there is limited space in a small country, but this didn't seem to be such an issue until the whole 'muslim'/'christian' divide reared it's ugly head. And that's a big shame.

Today, even the Muslim Council of Britain, on the day they were releasing their political statements for the election, was invaded by 'muslim extremists' who ranted and shouted and lectured for HALF AN HOUR before order was restored.

The trouble with it all is, that no one really takes much seriously these days, except the extremists. We've let the lunatics take over, as we're all too busy with more important things like our new ipods to care anymore about boring stuff.



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