Blogging, Me and the Blogosphere

Its strange, how change can come upon you.

Ive been running this modest blog for nearly two years now, and have never been so sloppy about lack of posting before. Fatkid seems to be having the same issues, allbeit for perhaps different reasons. Just looking at the blogroll to see who's updated will tell you the same story. Everyone's getting a tad bored, methinks.
Is it the fact that since Blogger was sold to Google, there's been a concerted effort to attract as many users as possible, at the expense of the service, and the content? When I began [around October 2003], the majority of blogs were either intellectual, informative or weird.[Or, mmmm, shall we say, Adult]. Now every mothers son and daughter is waxing lyrical over romance, spots, homework or teenage angst.
Im not sying these young whipper-snappers shouldn't rant about anything they want, but it's the sheer numbers game that we're dealing with here. Teens in jeans outnumber serious grown up bloggers, or so it appears.

Blogger itself has strained under the pressure of sweaty hands reaching for the blogosphere, and often has not been able to cope at all. This has been a major factor in many of us 'grown-ups' getting sick and tired of making the effort to post, when so many technical issues have screwed up countless posts, and in the end we give up, as we havn't the time to battle with the bloody thing.

Oh well, nothing lasts forever.

Me? Ive been putting most of my blogging interests towards understanding the video blog idea, and Im almost ready to start posting regularly, hopefully using quicktime progressive downloads, so everyone can see the vid. Only I've no intention of hosting it at Blogger. Ill probably use Wordpress, and use my own server, or similar. That way, I know if I can rely on the machines to do their job.

Leave comments if you have stuf to say on this. I agree with fatkid when he says he feels as if blogging has seen its zenith. Here's to the new world of vlogging, which is probably too technical for the moshers [?], thereby leaving the rest of us in peace, at least for a while.

check out the freevlog page that Michael Verdi and Ryanne Hodson have put together, its pretty good to start here for vlogging.


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