Live 8, Pop Idol, Coldplay, and ageing Mods.......

Just to clarify a few things about the Coldplay/American Market/little england/cheap success/ argument.

#1 Britain is wrapped in a small minded little englander attitude whereby groups with old Mod values and Vespas in the garage are always better than groups who write proper songs.This is deeply not good. We are supposed to think that Kaiser Chiefs, Oasis or Franz f**in Ferdin-urgh are superior to Radiohead or Coldplay. Laughable.

#2 The old guard that ruled eons ago [Rod Stewart & the Faces [mod], The Stones [rockers], The Who [club band] etc etc, are now very old, past it morons from a bygone age with no relevance in a modern world. Like Bernie Ecclestone, but worse, they are helping to destroy the industry they profess to love.

#3 Bob Geldof is a shi**y musician who everyone would have forgotten about now had it not been that he was married to a media heroin[e]/whore known as P.Yates. He should p*ss off. [Besides, under the old rules, Live Aid wouldn't ask any new 'artistes', as none of them are famous enough to play, er, except Coldplay and Radiohead].

#4 It's a well known fact that most level headed Africans hate Live Aid, or charity donations generally, as they promote corruption and deceit. They do not spawn economic growth and they reward inefficiency. Africans wish Geldof and his ilk would f**k off. Charity is the enemy of socialism. Or something.

#5 The most successful export to the USA from Britain has been the pop idol format. So we finally show the Americans how to be blander, crapper and more mindless than even they knew how to be.

#6 Bland music made by nobodys sells more than anything with reality and depth. See some frog outselling Coldplay 4-1 with some ringtone bo**ocks. Get used to the idea that most musical product in the future will be colourless gruel that could not sustain a mouse. WHITE BREAD. Sells the most but is total sh*t.

I don't really know why I think all these things are connected, but they are. Weirdly.

/here endeth the rant.


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