Under Attack

So, taking into account what's been happening in London today, I feel it's pertinent to mention the book I'm reading at the moment - James Baldwin's 'The Fire Next Time' [Dial Press, 1963].

A clearer indictment of western society and it's treatment of it's powerless members, neighbours and economic dependents would be hard to find. The truth in this book is searing, burning off the page. Baldwin encapsulates all the reasons why the disaffected can be beyond normal moral action - they have nothing to lose. His explanation of the beginning of the Nation of Islam and his meeting with Elijah Mohammed, surrounded by the same oppulence that pervades the Christian church, both then and now, is testament to the confusion and despair that drive religion/escapism/extremism.

His background growing up in Harlem illustrates the dead end existence of the people there, or in any ghetto, providing the necessary incendary frustration and hate, but no escape.

This is why we were bombed in London today, and any sorrow or pity, [guilt?], that those who do not share our riches may feel, will be short-lived, as they struggle to feed their children, or clothe themselves.
It may seem harsh to say this at this time, but nothing will change when so much is wrong.

I recommend everyone to read this book.

Update 13-07-05
Seeing there wasn't a page in Wiki for The Fire Next Time, I created one.


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